It’s New Year’s Eve, 2016.  I am surrounded by my wonderful band of cousins.  Champagne is being passed around.  I had had enough booze and food and noise and the […]

6 Ways to Use Less Consumable Goods

Continuing my year’s resolution to not use plastic, I love the idea of making my own. Keep it simple, healthy and economical. Here is a list of plastic bottles or […]

The challenge is to get rid of one thing today.  See if you can live without it.  One plastic thing in your bathroom.  It could be as simple as getting […]

Memorial Day weekend. Traditionally the first day of summer. I am sitting on the water, feet in the sand writing. The perfect job. Is it still considered a job?define job? […]

Veggie Burgers

Stalks from a bunch of broccoli 1 carrot 1/4 cup stalks of cilantro bunch Last stalk of celery 1/2-1 cup leftover brown rice or any grain. 1/4 cup soaked Brazil […]

Hydroponic Garden

I started these plants about a month ago.  They are soil-less plants, growing in little baskets inside a mason jar filled with water and plant solution.  You  cover the glass […]

Sweet Potato Fries

Julienne Sweet Pots, big cuts, keep on the skins Salt Chili Powder Garlic Powder Drizzle Black Strap Molasses Olive Oil Toss together, bake at 425 to crunchy outside  

Just for today, you take away all the “Should haves”, “Could haves”, and “Have to’s”. What would you do Today? Right now? Could you do it?

Here is a list of different types of sugars you might see in your packaged foods. Some are pretty obvious, but it’s those sneaky play on words and scientific jargon […]