20 Tips to Losing Weight Without Stress!

1. Be mindful. Listen to your self-talk.
2. Be honest with yourself. You really did eat that bag of chips.
3. Eat whole foods, eliminates reading labels.
4. Limit alcohol. If you can,  go without for a period of time.
5. Being moderate means no binging.
6. Remind yourself that you get to start over every minute.
7. Eat in color. White foods are boring.
8. Eat in season.
9. Try a new vegetable.
10. Throw out your scale, or at least put in the closet for a year.
11. Get your butt off the couch. Move your body at least 30 minutes a day.
12. Drink more water. Usually when you are hungry you are thirsty.
13. Expect to lose the weight slowly.
14. Eat more at home and make it a celebration. Turn up the music!
15. A healthy meal takes 30 minutes. Double the recipe for leftovers.
16. Keep the ingredients simple.
17. Being stringent and controlling is a set-up for failure.
18. Again, drink more water….powdered sugar-free junk does not count.
19. Really pay attention to what is working for you.
20. Eat only when you are hungry.