First Day of Summer

Memorial Day weekend. Traditionally the first day of summer. I am sitting on the water, feet in the sand writing. The perfect job. Is it still considered a job?define job?  Doing it all on my iPhone.   Pardon the typos and bad grammar.

Earlier today I volunteered for a local food education group that grows their own.   It has a CSA,  personal size raised bed plots, a farm stand, outside classroom for summer camps, all wrapped together to raise money for children’s food education programs including growing it and cooking the yield. It includes, community compost, egg hens,  and honey all grown in this big plot surrounded by neighborhood.   Wave of the future community?  I say so.  imagine living in a neighborhood with its own fresh food  you won’t even have to grow it.   The group, Common Roots,  hired their own full-time farmer.  Mike takes his vegetables personally.  he protects them every step of the way until they are let lose in your custody.   gotta love a farmer with passion   He’s taking that much care in your food. Mighty good vibrations in those greens.

I discovered this group when Carol Mcquillen came into my office to talk about her Common Roots agenda.  We started talking, exchanged phone numbers, and here I am selling beautiful looking young planets all grown with the sole purpose of growing nutritional dense foods.  It’s a natural relationship for me to be a part of.

While I sold plants this pack of 9-11 year old girls came by to get some mint for their roadside lemonade stand.  Can you imagine?  Gourmet lemonade.      When I was ten my palate wasn’t that sophisticated.  my beverage was koolaid or Fanta orange.  They also informed me they were making “real” brownies from scratch   They were cute, young girls who already knew the difference between real food and the fake stuff I was fed as a child.  I use to think vegetables were grown in the frozen section of Publix.  Not blaming my parents because that was all the rage back them. We did have fresh citrus, mangos and avocados everywhere.    Just the idea of these  girls gave me a little hope for the future. Perhaps fresh food will be the only food. Ok ok,,,,,dreaming here….that’s my direction.

As I was leaving, Mike drove up from Shelburne farmers market.  He offered me a selection of what they were selling. never will I turn down fresh vegetables with the farmer standing right in front of me.   I popped one of those fresh radishes in my mouth. Now, I’ve never been a radish fan, but these were sweet   It’s magical to eat just harvested vegetables.   Have enough of these to sautéed in butter later  maybe the greens too?

For now, I’m sitting on the beach, enjoying a salad, picked earlier today.  It was mixed with some leftover lentils and short grain brown rice simple vinegrette.  A full meal, packed in a 32 oz. mason jar for easy transport.  This is the first day at the beach so it was fun to pull out beach chair, add sunscreen to your bag, dig in your closet for bathing suits and sun hats. Pack it in your car with the rest of the paraphernalia you need for summer.  How was yours?