6 Ways to Use Less Consumable Goods

Continuing my year’s resolution to not use plastic, I love the idea of making my own. Keep it simple, healthy and economical. Here is a list of plastic bottles or containers that I stopped buying:


Do we really need a tube of chemicals to keep our teeth healthy?  Do we need fluoride every day?  I’ve read a few dental website that say NO we don’t.  But you do need a brush to help keep the plaque at bay.  So we use toothpaste to make our breath smell better and give us the idea that our mouth is clean and healthy? It’s been about 2 months since I’ve used regular tube toothpaste.  I’ve made my own 3 different ways so far. With or without coconut oil, baking soda. Add water and mint extract and or drop of tea tree oil.   Today I’m using a dry powder of baking soda, Celtic mineralized salt and cinnamon. It really makes my mouth feel clean. Really felt the difference over the weekend while I was away, using a sample tube from the dentist. My mouth never felt clean and fresh. More like a film was left on my teeth compared to using just the baking soda mixture. I love cinnamon, so that has become this week’s flavor.

1 Tble Celtic Salt
2 Tble Baking Soda
Cinnamon to taste.

and the other version:

2 Tbles of Baking Soda
1 Tble of coconut oil
food grade mint extract

2 Tble Baking Soda
1 Table mineralized salt*
1/2 tsp tea tree oil

You would be amazed the small amounts go a long way. It is a big savings, not only by consuming less, using no plastic and money saved.

*Use different kinds of salt. Black lava salt has active charcoal which can help whiten teeth. Red salt has a clay in it which would help mineralized and alkaline the mouth. Swish it around.


It’s not just for your hot dogs. I have fallen in love with this local sauerkraut, Sombfremesa. It’s just a little pricey for me. So I decided to make my own. Used shredded red cabbage (I love this color), garlic and Celtic salt. It’s coming out beautifully. Lots of brine forming. This is really easy to do. It really can zest up any recipe hot or cold. Give’s a big color too. Besides its a natural probiotic.








Shred cabbage. I used a mandolin
Salt it generously to create the brine
add any additional flavors or vegetable to ferment.
Stuff it in a mason jar and beat it down with mallet
Get’s it juicy and starts making the brine that will ferment.
Keep up this process until its at the neck.
Cover it with an outer leaf of cabbage.
Put some weight on it. Rocks are good. Lightly cover it. With a breathable top. I use small pieces of patio screen with a rubber band.
Store it in a dark closet or shelf. Let it sit for at least a month. Test it in the time period and check up on it. This turns out to be that little extra something you can add to salads or steamed greens. Even mixed in with some grains or beans


Facial Scrub

1/4 Cup Almond Meal
1/8 Cup Mineralized salt
Essential oil of your choice

This especially nice when you mix some with a jojoba oil for a lovely face scrub/oil cleanse.

Shampoo and Hair Rinse

I’ve been experimenting with using a bar shampoo.   J.Liggetts is what I am using now.  It’s really quite nice and has a very pleasant light scent.  I don’t like all those heavy scents from regular shampoo.   They all smell the same to me, full of chemicals.  This is my second bar that I’ve tried.  Can’t remember what the name of the last one was, other than it was Rosemary and I didn’t like it.   I also use the bars as body soap, eliminating another consumable health product.  When I use this bar as shampoo, then use a regular bottled conditioner (which I will until it’s finished), my hair feels kind of waxy.  Today though, I used apple cider vinegar rinse and WOW my hair feels so silky and clean.  Just love the idea of not having all those bottles in my shower.  Just ordered another brand of bar shampoo, Beauty and Bees Tasmania, that gives you a sample kit; honey conditioner bar, 4 sample shampoo bars, apple silk clarifying rinse for $16.95.  It should last me some time to use.  Again, the soaps can be used as body soaps.  For traveling it will be great not to have all those tiny bottles.  Hope I like them.  Keep you posted.  

Some other every day home items I’ve started to purchase, minus the plastic container is laundry soap, using the small packs that you buy in a small zip lock recyclable bag.  I switched to the same packaging style with auto dish soap.  A couple of things I still can’t seem to get away from the plastic; liquid dish soap and body lotion.   Do you buy bulk?  I could, but it ends up being more expensive believe it or not.

I believe big changes start with yourself, so I will keep working on consuming less.  So far, I feel really good about this.  Less really is much, much more.