Get Rid of One Thing

The challenge is to get rid of one thing today.  See if you can live without it.  One plastic thing in your bathroom.  It could be as simple as getting rid of buying another shampoo bottle.  Can you live without it?  What are your alternatives?  Why do we have so many bottles of stuff in our bathroom?  Do we really need them?  All those bottles will hopefully end up recycled, reused, recreated into another object we can use.  We all know, when we move we throw things out.  I’ve moved a lot in recent years, feels like  I am getting closer to a minimalist every move.  It got my thinking, how much do we really need?  If the world stopped manufacturing stuff, could you still live without it?  Certain personal resolutions I’ve made over the last few years are  not buying clothes the whole year of 2016.  This year it was water/seltzer bottles and alcohol (a whole other conversation).  I am also trying to minimize my use of any plastic household item, making less trash.  Being less of a consumer.  Recently, I get rid of toothpaste and in its place,  mixed  baking soda, Celtic salt and cinnamon, with a very soft toothbrush and a lot of water.  My mouth feels very clean.  A baking soda box goes a long way around the house.  I use it as a scrub for household cleaning, like sinks and showers, replacing a bleach-based scrub, makes a great toothpaste, add it to laundry or use it as a deodorizer.

Next, I am throwing some things out.  Books are a very heavy thing to move.  They are already sitting in boxes ready for it’s next home. This year, I am getting rid of all books.  I will donate them to a library or look for borrowing libraries in my neighborhood or internet.  Anything I want to read, I can do it on my kindle app or borrow something from the library.

The whole idea is start unloading all the things I no longer need.  For instance, I am not ready to part with all my old photos and family video tapes, but I can definitely part with old silver platters which seem to permanently live in bins stuffed in the closet.  I am ready to dump my favorite chair, very worn in, still in good shape structurally but the fabric is ripped and old.  Do I get it reupholstered or pitch it?  The whole idea is to get rid of stuff, so I guess it gets pitched along with the ottoman which serves as a storage for blankets that I never use, so they go too.  Maybe I should just sell it all on eBay.

Wherever I end up dumping, selling, donating or gifting, I will feel lighter afterwards.  Maybe I should hire someone who is not sentimental about this stuff to get rid of it for me.  Find a friend and we can trade jobs.  She throws out my stuff and I throw out hers.  Might be productive.  If you don’t tell each other what you threw out,  wonder how long it will take to notice what’s missing?  Interesting idea.  For now, I will do the preliminary purging.  Books are already packed and ready to go.