I’ve been playing around with my diet a lot lately. Tried raw, vegan, vegetarian, candida-free, gluten-free, low carb, no fat. Unfortunately with menopause changing everything, nothing seemed to stop the […]

Kind of a late spring around here in the Northeast. Not too long ago it was still in the 30’s at dawn and dusk. But with each day, things started […]

I’ve been going crazy over steamed/raw vegetable in a Big Buddha Bowl. Good habit to have, I guess. Easy, quick, healthy, filling. Chop up a rainbow of vegetables and steam […]

Trying to SPRING WordPress onto my website. Perhaps I can finally get some information on the blog portion of my website. This is test.

It's never about the food........

The next time you eat, count how many senses are engaged. Close your eyes when you chew. Feel the texture, smell the flavors, see the color. Also observe how you […]